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Technologies that can change the world


At Convergent studios, we strive to make our software architecture scalable, fast, reliant, and as cost-effective as possible for our customers. We design everything thing from your database needs with optimized queries to a fast and smooth UI that utilizes the most cutting-edge technology stacks to bring users an experience of a software product of the highest quality.

A few of our projects

Bridge Booking

The bridge will automate inviting artists, gain confirmation responses, communicate all show information, write the event to the google calendars of both the agent and the artist, as well as send confirmation reminders at specified intervals before their shows, all via SMS and in-app notifications.

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Soulmates Adoptions

Soulmates Adoptions is a brilliant and noble effort to find shelter animals a home and provide a fast and easy way for people to find their forever companion through a matching algorithm that accounts for characteristics of not only the animal but also the user for the best match all from on a mobile device!

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