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Looking For a Software Developer?

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  • Strategic tech partner that can address all of your technology needs.

  • Highly responsive & communicative.

  • AGILE-oriented software development company.

  • Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • On-time delivery.

  • Cost competitive pricing.

  • Own your own source code.

Convergent Studios is a North American IT partner that creates, maintains, and supports software products. Our broad range of services allow us to support your initiatives at whatever level of involvement your company desires – whether it is updating an old API or writing software from scratch.

Custom Software & Apps


Desktop, Mobile And Web Applications

Enjoy Cross-platform responsive applications built with our in-house development library for a fast and responsive user experience. 


Servers, Websites, Backend APIs

Let us create you custom coded stateless and asynchrous APIs that allow your app to efficiently respond to requests and control the information going to your client software securely with HTTPS, SSL and endpoints secured with authentication.



Have a need for VR based simulations for training or games. We Ultize Unity and Unreal engines to create software products that are performant and visually amazing.


Database Design

Allow us to design a database that meets your application's needs in an efficent, scalable, and secure way. Query optimization allows us to reduce the processing time for fast data retrieval and ultimately gives your application an enhanced User Experience.


UX Design

Work with us to see iterative UI design mock-ups done in cutting-edge design software such as Figma. See your app with your Logo, color themes, and UI design iterations before we start coding to make your app as modern and attractive as possible.


Software Architecture

Convergent Studios will take into account all of your needs to best come up with a tech stack that suits your needs. The code we write follows best practices for each framework to ensure you have a top tier performant application.


Cloud Services

Curious about what the cloud can do for your software, whether it's Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or some other cloud service provider talk with us about the opportunities the cloud can offer at affordable rates for you or your business.


Database & SQL Optimization

Already have a database that is running slow and needs optimization? We can provide insights into how to best optimize your database design to scale to your business's full potential. 


AGILE Software Development

With our iterative design philosophy, your application will go through stages of development that allows for continuous feedback from the customer. Functionality is systematically implemented on a cyclic basis which allows for testing and redesigns to occur within each cycle.

Support & Quality Assurance

Maintance & Production Support

We Provide Production support for you and your users and can use analytics to empower you and your business with the information you need to progress.


Unit Testing & Quality Assurance

Throughout the lifecycle of your app unit tests allow for code to be tested and quality assured when changes are made to other systems. We also do QA trials to mimic real-life use cases.

Other Services

Video Game Development

Have a game idea you always wanted to bring to life, talk with us and we will bring your imagination to life using game engines like Unreal and Unity that are cross-platform and VR Capable. Whether you desire ultra fidelity with realistic graphics or a 2d mobile game we can provide you an opportunity to outsource your game development needs to experienced developers.


Physical Hardware and Systems Integration

Are you in the manufacturing industry and require specialized programming and integrations for your PLC or other physical hardware? Talk with us about how we can accomplish your goals  in a time and cost effective manner.

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