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Custom software solutions


Welcome to the first step in meeting your software needs.

This is the beginning of your software solution journey.

Who we are

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Convergent Studios is a North American IT partner that creates, maintains, and supports software products. We specialize in developing software business solutions using cutting edge technology to deliver tech stacks that are cost efficient, scalable, and reliable. With elegant & modern UI/UX design, our custom software provides not only a key business solution but also a pleasant and responsive user experience. Contact us today to find out how we can take your business to the next level.

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Grow Your Vision


Unbelievable UX/UI Quality

We utilize the most cutting-edge technologies like Flutter from google to create pixel-perfect UI and provide a level of control that delivers even the most complex UI designs at a stunning 60 fps+ across all platforms. 


Custom-Software Engineering 

Our years of experience in programming and engineering mean that we can code in any language or build upon any tech stack that our clients require. We also custom build our tech stacks on a project basis to perfectly suit the needs of your business.


Quality Guaranteed 

The software we create is guaranteed to have "Unit" and "Quality Assurance" testing to deliver a field-tested software system before launch. Whether that is to publication on mobile platforms or implementation at your business we provide post-launch support for your product to ensure your success.

stunning & engaging applications


Our Projects


Connecting Agents to their clients seamlessly to streamline the booking process!

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